On the contrary, an alternative explanation can also be examined in the way the movie has been directed and how exactly a machine can think or capable of producing human emotions. For instance, in one of the course videos,
The case of Phineas Gage is explained which is the change in the mental state of a person after going through a skull accident. The movie can be attributed to the principle of Physical Reductionism as the principle argues that all kinds of mental experiences is identical to physical phenomena. This means that the machine or
Samantha who is well capable of mental experiences stems out of the physical data or experiences that are fed into the system.
This is quite relevant to the Big Data technique which emphasizes the quality and quantity of data in order to improve the precision of the machine. A machine like Samantha can be created if the physical experiences or data can be inserted into a system. Based on such patterns of data the machine can be expected to have emotions,
feeling as well as language.
Coming back to Descartes’s famous statement, “I think, therefore I am” can be refuted through the movie. The argument is also called Cogito The argument as Cogito is a Latin word that literally means, I. The philosopher attributed to the quote over the duality principle discussed above.
However, it is important to note that from the movie and the AI invention that is happening all around us, machines can also be programmed to think and act intelligently. This type of machine attacks the ancient belief of anyone who can think can also exist.
A machine in such a case does not have a physical existence but has the ability to make intelligent decisions and communicate perfectly with a human being. In fact, Samantha’s intelligence capabilities were greater than any human being’s as she could process a huge amount of data within a matter of seconds. Hence, Descartes’s
principle of existence relying on the ability to think can be challenged with the revolutionary AI innovation.
Furthermore, the film also provides an alternative explanation to the theories of occasionalism and pre-established harmony. As per the theories, there is a correlation between physical and mental events and thus there needs to be a higher existence or god that mediates the relationship between the two. But as we have seen in the movie,
such parallelism between the mental and physical construction is in fact a theoretical conception before the AI revolutionized the world. Now the machines are fully capable of providing a human experience and thus the relationship of physical and mental events can be discarded.
In addition, the mind-body problem also needs to be scrutinized in the light of the movie, Her. This is because, as per the video, humans greatly rely on the physical appearance in order to deduce substance about a human personality or its feelings. This is quite contradictory to the movie as the character or machine did not have any
physical attribute and only existed virtually.As per the mind-body problem, the body reflects the mental state of a person and hence the condition of the mind can be deciphered through the body of an individual. However, what if there is nobody? This is a problem that was never thought of in the history of philosophy but has been depicted in the film because Samantha did not have anybody but only an intelligent mind.
In addition, the century-old debate of the theory of evolution of the human mind is also nicely depicted in the film. The computer program which is first just a female voice is gradually evolved into a complex digital being which becomes a fundamental part of Sam’s life like it or she helps in convincing Sam to go on a blind date, experience the moments of life or in the mundane life task. This ability to evolve and respond to the challenges is rather an attribution to the theory of evolution which is basically premised on specialization within particular domains.
In other words, the theory states that the linguistic or cognition development of a being (now a computer program also) rather follows the gradualism and development over time. This is reflected from the behavior of Samantha as she equips herself with skills that would keep her lover, Sam attracted to her. In a normal human relation, there are moments of breaking away which eventually forms the curve of love and so is exhibited from the behavior of Samantha who develops maturity over time and demonstrate a certain degree of attitude to keep her lover enticed.