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Marte Lacao

my name is Marte Lacao, I am now 23 currently residing in the Philippines. I Graduated from a small University named Pangasinan State University. Although it is still a young University, I learned a lot from my Hardworking Professor and Instructors, that is why I manage to get a bachelor’s degree in English Language. I learn the basic structure of English language and a lot more. While taking this course, my passion on my craft never fade that interest me way back in my life as a young boy. That still continue to get my interest in it’s infinite potential, it’s so dinamic that I am still learning up until now. But then, there was a time when I faced this struggle to force me quit for a while, the stressful force of studying and working to support it financially. I don’t have the knowledge to make profit using my arts, traditional and digital. Now that I graduated, giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills and grow more, I will put my very best to be one of your best asset. Thank you for this opportunity and Godbless!

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