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1917: Movie in Review

Before we embark on the recent artistic experience that I had the good fortune of witnessing, it is important to define these commonly used but ambiguous terms. The experience is defined as a state affected by direct observation or participation in a knowledge-based event whereas, art is an expression of human creative skills and imaginations. Since these both terms have a remarkable impact on humans, discussing an art event is…

Philosophy of Mind

One of the main themes of the film is the Hellenic concept of mind, matter, and existence called the Duality principle. As per the theory, mind and matter exist independent of each other and both of the essences have their own qualities or needs. The protagonist of the film is an example of dualism. This is because although he has a high-end lifestyle or what a tech-savvy person would be…

Final Words

Based on the above analysis, the movie, Her is a philosophical commentary over the deep philosophical issues that have haunted humanity all over history. The movie opens a new chapter in the human thought which needs to be revised and reconsidered in the wake of some revolutionary AI inventions. The theories related to the philosophy of mind such as dualism, mind and body, identity, memory theory, etc., all need a…

Counter Views regarding above views

On the contrary, an alternative explanation can also be examined in the way the movie has been directed and how exactly a machine can think or capable of producing human emotions. For instance, in one of the course videos, The case of Phineas Gage is explained which is the change in the mental state of a person after going through a skull accident. The movie can be attributed to the…

Crowns For Queens

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