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At Abdoz Arts, we ensure that the large percent of the revenue goes to the artist. Abdoz Arts is essentially a platform where artists from the third world can use to present their work on a global scale. This means that it is their art that will be sold to the end consumer and hence, it is these partners that will get the larger share in the pie.
The company also ensures there is no discrimination when selecting the partners. It does not concern the company the caste, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. of the partners. Rather, the company encourages artists that come from these marginalized communities to have an opportunity towards sustainable living



Our customers are our major source of inspiration. It’s because of the desire to serve them better Abdoz Arts have been conceived. We take utmost care in delivering on what the customers come here to find.
This is to say they have a tendency towards exotic art and at the same time, want to do something good for the underprivileged craftsman. This is also our value. By ensuring that their money goes to the most deserving in the world, we have created a ecosystem with prosperity at its center.



Unfortunately, because of the early stage of the startup and complex supply chain process, currently we do not offer a return policy. Abdoz Arts artists are located all over the world and it is very challenging to get the art delivered to western market. Most of these artists come from high risk countries and thus
delivering a parcel becomes even more difficult. However, in the later stage of the startup, we promise a full money back return policy. Till then, bear with us!



The state of environment is a core philosophy at Abdoz Arts. It is our 100% commitment that the artworks that are printed and framed are done on a recyclable material. We take responsibility of climate change and reconcile our operations that are best fit for the environment. Our aim is to generate sustainable income opportunities for the struggling artists and at the same time, leave a better world for the future generation.


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