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Bhamar Lal

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Country: India; Age: 44 years old

I run my own souvenir store. Most of the souvenirs that are in the store, I have made them myself. My biggest regret in life is that I cannot provide education to my children. This is why I have worked tirelessly and want to raise funds to
finance the education for my kids.


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Country: Phillipine; Age: 23 years old

“Making my way from Philippines, I am a young realistic portrait painter called Grai. When picking up the brush, I lets my imagination dominate myself and spends days if not weeks into a single piece. However, coming from a third world country, I find it hard to make a decent living but still want to continue my passion. I also feel that the market is already dominated by the big name player with big investment that overshadows young and upcoming artists like myself. Yet, I am determined and want to make my family and country proud of my work.”


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Country: Pakistan; Age: 22 years old

“I am a 22 years old and a self-taught artists. I want to master my skills in both the conventional and modern form of art. The best part about me is with every art I make, I feel that my broadening my horizons discovering something new. This is why I love art and want to make an impact in this world.”

Pervaiz Bhatti

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Country: Pakistan; Age: 64 years old

“I have a 50+ years of experience in fine arts. Before the era of digital printing, me and my team used to paint signboard posters. I have painted posters more than 40 meters. Those were my incredible achievements. Now with the digital
printing, it seems that the world has forgotten what signboard painters used to do. I have lost my workshop and now losing my health too.


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Country: Turkey; Age: 45 years old

I am Ajlan Tanrikulu. I am 45 years old and I live in Antalya which is the most beautiful city in Turkey. I am a tourist professional but now shifted to crafts. When I first discovered the wall plates I was fascinated and wanted to do one of my own immediately. Learning to make the wall plates was not an easy process. I make it from natural ropes and adorn them with beautiful paints and items. I want you to be enthralled with the rich Turkish traditions.

Adonai González

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Country: Mexico; Age: 41 years old

Because of the war in Mexico, I had to flee my home country and reside in a foreign land. Being a war refugee, my whole life has been disrupted.
My education level is only until High School. However, I am devoting all my time to pyrography which to me is the purest form of art. When I draw I completely remove my fears and sink in my art. Hope you like it and can support me buying my work.


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Country: Pakistan; Age: 33 years old

I am a self-taught artists and one of the first person from my country to draw digital characters. Coming from a patriarchal society, I have found it tough to be a woman and make a career out of my passion. I have worked with
many local clients but want international recognition of my work.

Ruby and Rita

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Country: Guatemala; Age: 37 years old

We live in a very harsh conditions. We have been making bags and handicrafts since ages but are still unable to earn a decent living. It is our appeal to the international community to help us as we believe that our work is of very high quality and dexterity.


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Country: Pakistan; Age: 57 years old

Without a home but not without a talent…

Banjo could not find a workshop for his hand crafted furniture so he sits by the roadside in the hustles and bustles of the city and sells handcrafted furniture. Without a formal training in furniture design, he has learned it all by doing.
Banjo’s expertise include custom made chairs, sofas, stools, coffee table sets, heirloom piece, dinner table so on and so forth. He takes great care in choosing the raw material. It includes fresh wood, lumber, paints and crafts it himself.


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Country: Pakistan; Age: 33 years old

I belong to a poor city called Hyderabad and completed schooling from as a textile designer.
Currently, I work as a CEAD university and design in different universities.


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